The Legend of Korra Theory

Honestly guys, I can totally see this ending with Toph being named the Earth Queen and pulling a Venellope (from Wreck it Ralph) and turning the Earth kingdom into a constitutional democracy.   Anyone with me?  

I mean, she’s got the noble bloodline thing to satisfy the loyalists, and she’s an honest to god world saving hero to satisfy everyone else.  I mean, king Bumi probably had it in his will somewhere that if she wants it the throne is hers.  

I also want to see a fight between her and Kuvira.  Between all the BeiFongs and Kuviras army, with all the other nations standing back like “should… should we help?”  and Toph looking back like “No.  They’re ours.”

RvB Season 12 Finale - Well then…

So most of the carefully constructed theories and pet ideas I’ve been hissing protectively over and nurturing with every new episode these past few months are now more or less confirmed as wrong and without chance of reprieve.  


  • Wash wasn’t impersonating Locus.  I can live with that.  
  • Carolina did throw the fight to give Tucker the time he needed to get Felix to incriminate himself and Locus.  I’ll take a point for that.  
  • Church didn’t have some kind of breakdown or malfunction.  It could still be coming in season 13 so not a write off yet.
  • Locus and Felix weren’t revealed to be ex-Freelancers.  Also could still be coming, Locus’ apparent familiarity with Wash still hasn’t been explained, it’s looking less and less likely but until it’s stated in language that can’t be argued or misinterpreted I will hold the line on this.
  • Agent Maine (not revealed as alive and inexplicably well) is not Control.  I will eat the loss of that theory bitterly, but eat it I will.  I think I should still get bonus points for his incorporeal presence and significance anyway.  

Theories going into Season 13

  1. Church is going to have a break down of some kind and/or achieve Metastability. 
  2. We’re going to see a lot more of Tucker the surprisingly capable and competent Captain and leader being trained by, and standing equal with, Carolina and Washington.
  3. Doctor Grey.  I love her.  Not a theory, I know, but I really hope she and Kimball get some screen time and development, the LT’s as well. 
  4. Felix and Locus are revealed to be ex-Freelancers.  Felix is Nevada, because of gambling, deception and general corruption.
  5. Sigma.   I don’t have an idea solid enough to voice but Sigma! Season 13 is going to have some crazy shit to do with Sigma.  I can feel it it my bones.  I know I’ve been wrong before (a lot), but this feels right.  
  6. I think Charon Industries were the original guardians of the sarcophagus Project Freelancer stole that gave the Director the ability to tear Alpha apart and create the AI fragments.  After the Project was destroyed I think Charon reclaimed the sarcophagus and whatever it is that was inside of it. If so this could mean a lot of things;
  • Epsilon is the only remaining AI after Wash and Alpha set off the EMP to destroy the others in Maine’s equipment right?  What if they aren’t as dead as we thought?  What if they can bring Alpha back?  Or create a new version of him to break up into new AI’s? 
  • Epsilon is memory, we know this, what if there are more of him even if the others really are forever gone? The director was a smart man, redundant backups seems like a logical move.
  • If they do have the sarcophagus and whatever was inside of it, can they do to Epsilon (who is a perfect memory of Alpha) what they did to Alpha to recreate the AI fragments? 
  • What if the Chairman is the voice of the operation but a recovered and broken Alpha is the mind?  Imagine the delicious angst of another Church being discovered, Alpha Church, what is Epsilon, as the copy, going to do?  how is he going to deal with that?  How will the others?  

Kay, so, I’ve only just watched the season finale and as you can see I’ve managed to somehow get really stuck on the sarcophagus we haven’t seen in a few seasons for some reason.  I just feel like this next season is going to be heavy in AI plot.  I need to think more and then rewatch the finale for even the smallest things that I can squint at and use as evidence to support my new and shaky theories or else let me develop newer and shakier theories in their place.  

What do you guys think the finale means for season 13? 

So, I had this weird dream…

I dreamt that I went to a museum of “forgotten relics” and discovered that I had the power to bring dead Gods back to life (there was a statue of an old, old, really old forgotten God that gave me a vision to this effect anyway), all I had to do was find one person in the world who still believed in them and get that person to the relic still connected to that God and they would have power in the world again.  

Because of this museum I was sure I could find someone who still knew about this unknown deity and decided to try and bring it back to life because why not?  I was really excited about this power I suddenly had and I wanted to see if it really worked so I started looking for someone who might know the name of the God in the statue.  Anyway, asking people outright was the wrong thing to do because the Westboro Baptist church found out about me and sent this secret sect of assassins to hunt me down and kill me so I’d never be able to use my new power.  

So the entire dream was me frantically running around this city trying to find someone who could tell me the name of the unknown God so I could bring it back to life all-the-while fighting/dodging/evading/hiding from these assassins (mostly they had swords but a couple of them had guns).  

My entire reasoning throughout the dream was that if the WBC wanted me dead that badly to stop me from doing this then this was clearly something I should be doing, by the end of the dream I managed to find an old man whose grandfather had told him stories about the god in the statue and still knew its name.  Excited that I’d not only survived but was actually going to win against the assassins I decided that I was going to travel the world looking for more Forgotten Relics of other unknown Gods and bring as many back to life as I could.  

I woke up before I made it back to the museum with the old man.

Psychology side of Tumblr, what do you think this means?

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Red vs Blue S12:E18

Guys I have a theory.  

That theory is that Washington beat Locus, took his armour and is now pretending to be him so the others can find Control.  Think about it, he’s the only one of the RvB crew that used to be a good soldier and given this, his knowledge of military protocol and his implied history with Locus he’s the only one in the group actually capable of pulling the impersonation off.  

It fits!  I mean, I’ve had some pretty left field theories before but this fits!  It fits and it seems like that’s what was being set up this whole episode!

Let me know what you think!

ZR S3: M;44-45







I’m sorry Albert, everyone.  I’m sorry Sam.  Leave the porch light on, I swear I’ll be back soon.  

Goddammit Moonchild!  I mean, I feel bad for you, truly, and I sympathize but you can’t keep mindcontrolling anyone who doesn’t agree with you so they turn into drugged out murderers!  

We still don’t know what Van Ark did to us though, clearly we’re going to shake this off and make it back to Abel right runner 5’s?


Destiny // Hunter Subclasses


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"I’m a ghost. Actually, I’m your ghost."

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